Monday, September 5, 2011

The political controversies concerning Divorce

As states in Writing Today, there are many situations or actions that are the direct cause to a family structure being in turmoil.  These include divorce, abortion, illegitimacy, homosexuality, domestic violence, and economic insecurities (Writing Today, 736).  The most complicated both socially, and on the political scene is divorce.  Divorce is a much different issue than domestic violence or abortion to ruin a family as it is socially derived between the two individuals on their own terms.  It is much more legitimate reason to end a family, because it shows the two can't seem to be with each other.  Divorce is made more complicated also. when it involves children as well.  Divorce is extremely draining both mentally and physically for a child in all situations.  Sometimes divorce is for the better of the family, including the children, but in other circumstances, it tears a child's life apart forcing them to adapt to a completely new situation and family structure.  It makes it so hard politically now a days as it is often kept private, and the law avoids to step in.  Also in todays day, divorce is much more prevalent than it once was.  More than 50% of marriages in the United States are ended by divorce.  That is an enormous number, as a century ago, divorce was heavily frowned upon.  Politically, divorce is ultimately avoided by both sides, as it is such a sensitive topic, and not worth creating enemies over.

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