Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kimbel Library Videos

-The first video features the concept of summary.  The beginning of the slide illustrated the definition as- the brief restatement of a source's main ideas.  Breaking down this definition even further, the host expresses the meaning of restatement as using your own words.  This means when summarizing an entire piece of literature, one must do so in their own words; not the words of the author, or another individual- quoting someone.  Also, one must make sure to keep it completely factual.

-The second video explains how students should search for topics through the many different databases that Kimbel Library offers.  The first key point is to only use keywords.  Unlike google, and other search engines, one musts search for topics not by using questions or full sentences, but rather exclusively keywords separated by the word 'and'.  This is used as the key words find the articles that contain the info in which you are looking for.  When doing so, one must make sure they don't search for too many keywords, as this narrows down the search too much.  Instead, try using 2-4 keywords.

-The last video explains why exactly citations are important when finding research for a research paper.  We cite sources for the same reasons why we were pants... it makes us more creditable and respectable. Also, it shows your ability to follow directions.  Not following this key aspect during your research paper could result in a failing grade, if not kicked out of the institution all together.

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