Monday, October 3, 2011


As we start this new chapter of our class, moving away from marriage and towards HIV, I am excited to be educated about this topic.  I learned many new things about historic and present marriages around the world, so I hope it will be more of the same.
When beginning the discussion, the first question that arises is the exact origin of the infection.  I know that many conspiracies surround this topic.  Usually it is accepted that Aids originated from non-human primates in sub-saharian Africa around the early 20th c. AIDS is a disease transferred through the bloodstream in living beings, this is where the debate begins as many possibilities of the original transfer between human and animal can be expressed.  Could the infection have been transmitted sexually between human and chimp?  Could someone truly be that desperate?  Could it have been introduced to the human race by a open sore on the animal coming in contact with another open wound on a human?
I have not had a chance to directly talk with anyone who is infected with AIDS to become more aware of the origin and common knowledge.  Personally, I hear about the horrible stories of people suffering from AIDS, looking like someone who survived the Holocaust, but I have never closely studied nor had any part of the disease.  I understand that it has been a huge part of our world for over 100 years, and prevent in all 7 continents.  The saddest part about it, is how it continues to spread all over Africa, with no sight of slowing down due to many key factors.  These include the large amount of sexual abuse, rape, and unprotected sex.  These three factors help keep AIDS on the rise, as an individual can simply pass the infection on to dozens of people, and within those dozens of people, they can simply do the same unknowingly.
I am excited to begin this chapter, and become even more educated!

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